Monday, August 20, 2007

Black hills part 5

3 Aug 2007

It is the last day. Lyle has already left. I told him as he left that I no longer say good-bye to people I meet in the church. The church is so small you usually run into them again some day.
Anyway last night was really great! We only did one session which was on faith sharing. It want off stupendously. I think a lot of my crew had never shared their faith nor had someone listen to their story. They learned a lot about each other and themselves.
I am usually not very confident about my small group skills, but I think I made progress this week. It was fun to have a group of all girls. It is a little easier for them to share feelings (according to the girls in the group.) I grew a lot this week because of their willingness to share.
Also, something mended in me last night. For years I had an emotional faith; recently, I have had primarily an intellectual faith, and ne'er the twain shall meet--as it were. This week I think those two things were drawn together. It is a nice feeling to have them work together for the growth of the kingdom.

God's Peace,

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