Monday, August 20, 2007

Black Hills Part 4

2 August 2007

Yesterday was pretty cool, both in temperature and sessions. We worked with a decision making model, which I think my group was able to grasp. I think it is one of the hardest parts of this training. Usually, I like or hope to draw the learning out of them, let them think of things and then highlight points for them. With the decision making model, however, it was more like spoon feeding. I think it was helpful though because it gave us a chance to think through a host of questions that we could at each part of the model. Some of them in the group even took notes by their own accord. That was cool! Also, since I was sharing, and one of the kids was helping me think through my decision, she prayed for me. The prayer was AWESOME! She prayed for God to be with my wife and I as we talk about having kids. She didn't make the decision for us, she just prayed that we would know that God was with us no matter what we decided.
I rarely have people praying for out loud for me, with me there. It is usually the other way around! So this was a well needed spiritual thirst quencher!!!
Last night we went to Rushmore. I'm still sorting out my feelings about it, though it did not fill me patriotic fervor which is what I think they wanted. The crazy horse monument is better, even though it isn't complete yet.

God's Peace,

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