Monday, August 20, 2007

Black Hills Part 1

The next few posts are journal entries from my time in Black Hill work as a small group facilitator for The Youth and Family Institute. They are a little back dated, but I hope you enjoy them.

July 30, 2007

I, Well Jodie and I, have come to Lee Valley Ranch near Custer, SD in the Black Hills of southwest SD. To say that it is beautiful here is kinda like saying Mozart wrote music. It is amazing that:

  • We drove 9 hours yesterday but I'm not tired.
  • We had an hour Long Camp fire led by Tangle Blue and Dick Borrud and I was neither bored nor sleepy.
  • We saw lots and lots of bikers. The Sturgis Rally begins next week.
  • We saw lots of pine trees. Seriously, I had not seen so many since I lived next door to a paper mill in Tennessee. We shut off the a/c in the car rolled down the windows and could literally smell the pine.
  • I am here to lead a peer ministry training, but I always wind up being trained myself.
  • I fee God us pushing me to become better at more ministry skills then just preaching.

It looks to be a great week.

God's Peace,

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