Monday, August 20, 2007

Black Hills Part 2

31 July 2007

Yesterday we did three Peer Ministry sessions, which is a lot. However it gave my group a chance to begin bonding. I always struggle, or at least I feel like I do, with getting people to open up in a group. For most of yesterday my "small" group felt like a "large" group. I am always challenged in these situations because my instincts are to preach! Being a preacher is a large majority of my ministerial identity; therefore Peer Ministry Facilitating is good for me because it pushes me to function in different rolls. Left to my own devices I would just preach and not develop other skills. However, I feel God nudging me o do more, to get off my posterior, our of the pulpit and office, and do more ministry.

Lord, help me to do your will!
Lord, help me to do!
Lord, help me!
Lord, help!!!!

God's Peace,

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