Monday, August 20, 2007

Black Hills Part 3

1 August 2007

Last night we had a really cool session. Lyle had encouraged us to challenge our groups to go a little deeper with their sharing by sharing a heartfelt concern. After modeling this myself I laid the challenge before my group. I was a little concerned because they did not seem nervous about this at all. But they did great, and they enjoyed having someone listen to them. After that I did a group check-in where they had to mark our progress towards becoming an "us,our" group instead of an "I, me" group. I was shocked that they had us so close to being an "us, our" group. I asked how we had come so far so fast. They replied because we are all girls. Except for me and pastor K. who are adults, all the teens in the group are girls. After this we had a wonderful conversation about group dynamics in regards to gender. It was one of these moments that you wait for in ministry where people in a group just start talking and all you have to do is just highlight cool points. Near the end I asked about their church groups and how they can move their groups toward being "us, our" Several of them took real ownership and said similar things about it being up to us--the teens--to do it because the other youth will listen to us more than to the adults. It was a beautiful moment.

Lord, help me to continue to lead this group by making space for you and them to meet and mingle. Amen!

God's Peace,

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Kr!ss said...

Thanks for sharing these experiences Jason. Sounds awesome :)