Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Web Meditation 18th March 2009

We are returning to our series of devotions on loving God with all our heart, mind, and, soul. Last time we talked about loving God with all our soul through prayer. Today we look at loving God with all our soul through worship. There has been a parallel series of devotions written by myself and vestry members of the Church of the Resurrection on why we go to church, which has a lot to do with worship. The primary action we undertake whenever we are gathered is worship.

Now, in this day and age, worship could easily be seen as a noun, an object that we witness like a play or a movie. However, I believe, worship is a verb. It is something we do. We do things that engage the whole self in worship. We stand, we kneel, we pray, and we sing. All these actions require our active participation in the service. There is an old joke about Episcopal worship services including "pew aerobics" because we stand, sit, and kneel at different times of the service. Indeed, like most good jokes there is some truth to it. Worship is a bit like a spiritual workout, action engaging the whole self in the adoration, praise, and supplication of God in order to grow closer to God and our neighbors.

Now after any good workout it is important to replenish the nutrients expended during the workout. The same goes for worship. We receive communion, a.k.a. the Lord's Supper, at every service to be sustained in our faith. The body and blood of Christ as bread and wine is spiritual sustenance, spiritual food given to us so that we can go out into the world once again as the body of Christ to serve God through serving our neighbors.

If you haven't been to a worship service lately, consider this an open invitation. You are always welcome at the Church of the Resurrection. If you are a regular attendee, please consider sharing the experience with your friends and neighbors. The welcome of God through our congregation is Good News indeed, and we should share it far and wide.

This meditation is also posted on the website of the Church of the Resurrection.

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