Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dinner in Abraham's Tent

Web Meditation 29 March 2009


Friday night I got to go to the Dinner in Abraham's Tent sponsored by the Tri-Faith Initiative here in Omaha. The Tri-Faith Initiative is a combined dream by the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska, Temple Israel, and The American Institute of Islamic Studies and Culture to ultimately build a common campus with a worship space for each faith and a shared education center. In pursuit of that dream, Friday night's fundraiser was held. We gathered first for worship. In the same room in sequence we had a Shabbat service, then the Order for Evening from the Book of Common Prayer, and Muslim Friday evening prayers. Then we gathered for a dinner followed by a round table discussion of faith leaders from each tradition.

It was a deeply holy time and we were definitely in sacred space. The worship was filled with a deep hospitality. The story goes that Abraham's tent opened on all four sides to facilitate hospitality. Genesis chapter 18 tells the story of Abraham being blessed for that very hospitality. I hope for peace, and I even like to think I work for peace. I believe hospitality, in all its ancient richness, is key to peace. For one night, Jews, Christians, and Muslims welcomed each other in joint hospitality. The line between host and guest was obliterated. We were each others host and each others guest. Ultimately, I felt we had learned a deep lesson of hospitality from Abraham. Hopefully we can continue to teach that lesson and spread these seeds of Peace.

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Nancy Striebel said...

I was also at that celebration. What has happened? I found this a better way to come together than any other way. Respectful celebration of one another