Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm sorry!

Web Meditation 17 March 2009

I guess I should write something about St. Patrick since it is St. Patrick's day. However, since most celebrations of today's feast in the U.S. have very little to do with St. Patrick, and a whole lot to do with binge drinking with a tip of the hat to Irish pride, I'm not going to write about St. Patrick.

Instead, let's discuss the fact that I missed the last two days of posting meditations. I could make some excuse about Sunday being a busy day for me and Monday being my day off, but that would be lame. I simply forgot. I was wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me! Now, you might be thinking this is a rather small thing for me to be apologizing for. However, I have found that if I continually apologize for the small infractions I make, I am less likely to make those big honking mistakes that irrevocably destroy relationships. I guess it keeps me mindful of other people; so I am more conscious about what I'm doing and how that affects others.

I believe it works the same way with our relationship with God. If we ask God's forgiveness for the small things we do seemingly everyday, then we are paying more attention to that relationship. This mindfulness, being aware of God's presence, helps us live more attune with God.

Therefore, I'm sorry I missed two days of posting meditations. I made a commitment to you, and I let you down. I hope you'll forgive me.

Question for the day:
Which relationships in your life could use a little more mindful attention?

This meditation is also posted on the website of The Church of the Resurrection.

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