Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Five


Cathy over at revgalblogpalswrites:
We snitched a bit of time on an quiet island nearby this week. It was a last minute plan, escaping with a minimal amount of preparation. One must have essentials that make it a relaxing time. Perhaps you have had this opportunity to escape, or maybe it's only been a thought to get away. However, suppose you were told to pack some essentials for a trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Describe your location, in general or specific terms and....

Secluded beach or secluded mountain cabin, either would be nice. The key is magnificent nature and privacy.

1) What book(s) will you bring?

bible, Harry Potter, Something intellectual from the nightstand stack.

2) What music accompanies you?

Whatever is on the Ipod, but I would listen to a lot of Miles Davis

3) What essentials of everyday living must you take (as in the health and beauty aids aisle variety)?

tooth brush and tooth paste...I'm a minimalist

4) What technological gadgets if any, will you take with you or do you leave it all behind?

Only the Ipod

5) What culinary delights will you partake in while there?


As a bonus question, what makes for a perfect day on vacation for you?

Beautiful scenery and a thick book!


jill said...

minimalist=good! sounds like a great trip. good play!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Laughing at the bacon! Reminds me of how much I miss Frankie's. Remember how good it smelled in the late afternoon when he cooked a big batch of bacon?

mompriest said...

Bacon LOL...that would be my son as well. Great vacation plan. I hope you enjoy yours.

Sally said...

lol- at the bacon!!!! Well played.

Deb said...

You know, about the only time I eat bacon is on a camping trip, or on a vacation where we have beaucoup fresh tomatoes to make BLTs!


Rhiannon said...

mmm, bacon. I once went to Vegas for the soul purpose of having an allegedly famous "bacon martini" at the legendary dive bar "The Doubledown Saloon"

It was more than disgusting, just vodka soaked in bacon fat. Ruined me for Vegas AND vodka...

not so much the bacon, though.

love your blog!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, love how everyone is commenting on the bacon thing! we all know my (clandestine) feelings for bacon (forgive me, father, for I have sinned.... ;o) ;o)