Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Five things I dig about Jesus

I got this from Svandive, and if you play along please leave a link in the comments so we can all see.

Five of the things I dig about Jesus are:

  • 1. He obliterated the rules and made it all about relationships!
  • 2. He loved people he wasn't "supposed" to and pissed off people that society says we should suck up to.
  • 3. He would not compromise his principles for the sake of his own safety.
  • 4. Healing Powers
  • 5. Yeah...and that resurrection thing is pretty cool too (see number one)!

God's Peace,


John Smulo said...

Very good list. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Jesus is one of a kind.

If you have time, please post a link to your post at the original:

I'm trying to keep track of the meme to post all of the links in the future.

Mike said...

I absolutely love your answers, especially number 2. I'm gonna link to this from the comments of mine.

thanks for being yourself!!