Thursday, April 26, 2007

IPOD Shuffle 1:35 CDT

It's gray, it's cold, therefore listening to music is the only option.

1. Something You Got, Davell Crawford, A Celebration of New Orleans
2. The Sun Doesn't Like You, Norah Jones (who I am seeing in June), Not too Late
3. Alakati Owo, Los Hombres Calientes, Vol. 5 Carnival
4. Melena, Los Hombres Calientes, Vol. 5 Carnival
5. Das Wohltempierte Klavier, Book 1: Fugue in E Dur, BWV 854, Daniel Barenboim, Bach Well Tempered Clavier Book 1
6. Macha, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Bubblehouse - EP
7. Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13 - "Pathetique": II. Adagio Cantabile, Rudolf Serkin -- Piano, Beethoven: Sonatas for Piano No. 1
8. It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got That Swing), Dizzy Gillespie & Stan Getz, Diz and Getz
9. Das Wohltempierte Klavier, Book 1: Prelude in A Dur, BWV 864, Daniel Barenboim
10. Whoopin' Blues, Nicholas Payton, Gumbo Nouveau


The rules, for bloggers who want to play:

Get your ipod or media-player of choice, select your whole music collection, set the thing to shuffle (i.e., randomized playback), then post the first ten songs that come out. No cheating, no matter how stupid it makes you feel!

Idea originally from Fr. Jim Tucker of Dappled Things


the reverend mommy said...

Good to have you in the ring.
I have a good friend interviewing in Idaho and that's only, what, a hop, skip and a jump you you, eh?

Cathy said...

Welcome to RevGalBlogPals!
Like your IPod Shuffle selection especially the keyboard selections.

will smama said...

Once again proof that I need cooler stuff on my iPod.

Welcome to revgals!