Thursday, April 26, 2007

Death Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of the outstanding, loving, caring, beautiful parishioners of my parish is leaving the hospital today to go home and die. She is too young, too kind, too caring for this to be just. She didn't deserve this battle with cancer. She didn't deserve this pain. And she sure as hell didn't deserve to die this soon.

I know that she didn't deserve the gracious love of God that surrounded her hospital bed this morning. We can't earn or deserve that either. But Grace is little comfort today. It is at most a mustard seed of faith...I hope it is enough!

God's Peace,


Bob said...

I know you're going to kill me for saying this and how insensitive it seems, but her death will be the greatest thing that will happen to her in this earthly span - she will be present with Christ in heaven, Alleluia.

It sucks big time for us - those left behind here on earth. For you and your parish family and her family. Her present suffering sucks, and my feeble prayer is that it stop.

But, oh, her absence from the body will be splendorly presence with our Saviour who has defeated the sting of death and the penalty of sin.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Cancer sucks--dealing with that in my parish, too.

Mother Laura said...

Since God is a loving parent, I believe we do deserve her love just as my children, though imperfect, deserve mine. You may of course differ, but do I hope that you did not and will not tell her family and friends anything like this.

Songbird said...

This is so hard. Hang on to the mustard seed, the pinch of salt, the flicker of the candlelight.