Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday


I'm having an odd Good Friday so far. I feel guilty, but not the way you would think. I haven't been meditating on the crucifixion and come to some deeper understanding of my complicity in death of Christ. Rather I feel guilty because I feel well rested. Holy Week is a busy time for clergy, and I have been busy this week. However, thanks to the shared effort of the leadership team here at my parish, and intentional nap taking on my part, I am not feeling stress, beat-down, haggard, or burnt out. For some reason that makes me feel guilty. Maybe there is some protestant work ethic still left in me that hasn't been completely pushed out. But part of me wonders if I'm letting my team down a bit, if I haven't taken my fair share of the load. I don't want to be worn out or haggard, but I also do not want my team worn out and haggard as well. I especially do not want them burnt out because I didn't take on my fair share of the load. This, my personal mind games and over thinking, is starting to take my mind off of Christ. Hopefully the services today will help me refocus.

God's Peace,

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