Friday, March 09, 2007

Job Opening at my Church


My church is looking to hire a full time youth and young adult minister. If you are interested please send a resume, cover letter, and 3 references to:


Father Jason Emerson
All Saints Episcopal Church
9302 Blondo
Omaha, NE 68134

The job description follows:


ACCOUNTABLE TO: Rector and Associate Rector

PURPOSE: To serve the church by overseeing and coordinating all youth and young adult ministries, providing for the Christian Formation of Teenagers, their families, and young adults (ages 18-30), and providing leadership to and supervision of volunteers involved in the ministry.


1. Grow in faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ through worship, personal devotion, and education.
2. Actively participate in the worship life of the congregation through attendance, worship planning, and execution.
3. Work closely alongside Director of Christian Formation
4. Oversee recruitment, training and spiritual growth of leaders for various classes/ministries/groups within the youth ministry, including sexual misconduct prevention training.
5. Support a youth ministry steering committee in the ongoing visioning and development of the youth program.
6. Plan and coordinate High School and Middle School Youth Groups, Journey to Adulthood program, and confirmation; work collegially with other staff to develop, support and grow a Youth Choir and Youth Bell Choir.
7. Maintain communication with youth and parents involved with All Saints through, but not limited to, the writing, editing, and publication of a regular youth newsletter.
8. Manage the youth ministries calendar and involve our youth in diocesan events, coordinating with the parish calendar.
9. Oversee planning of special events, mission trips and retreats including administrative details such as permission slips, medical releases and insurance issues.
10. Attend weekly staff meetings, and other meetings and retreats with program staff.
11. Attend vestry meetings as a resource as requested by the Associate Rector or Rector. Submit a monthly report of youth attendance and activities.
12. Initiate, Develop, and Oversee the young adult ministry focusing on the ages of, but not limited to, 18-30.
13. Coordinate fellowship programs for young adults to grow young adult membership in the parish.
14. Assist in the discipleship development of young adults through discerning spiritual gifts of young adults and networking them to other ministries in the church such as, but not limited to, Choir, Lay Reading, Adult Forums, Outreach and Social Justice Ministries, etc.
15. All other duties as assigned.
CHARACTER TRAITS, EXPERIENCES, AND SKILLS (candidates should exhibit the majority of these.)
16. A Bachelors Degree with specialized training in youth or educational ministries is required to qualify for this position.
17. Candidate exhibits strong Christian character that demonstrates a close relationship with God through personal devotional, worship, and prayer life.
18. Candidate realizes that God is always working, seeks to join God in God’s work, and is willing to make life adjustments to join God in what God is doing.
19. Candidate seeks to minister to the whole family.
20. Candidate can demonstrate ability to recognize and develop leadership potential.
21. Candidate has Christ like attitude that is accepting and inclusive of all the diverse parts of the body of Christ.
22. Candidate has conceptual skills and can develop an idea into an active ministry.
23. Candidate is Enthusiastic, High energy, Self-starter; Encourager; Visionary, and a People Person who enjoys entering into, building, and maintaining relationships with people.
24. Candidate has demonstrated success at various levels of development.
25. Candidate has been involved in organizations or groups as a leader.
26. Candidate is comfortable sharing the Christian faith from Episcopal perspective with both Christian and pre-Christian people. Candidate is not required to be an Episcopalian.
27. Candidate must be computer literate.

1. Cover Letter
2. Resume
3. 3 References (including contact information)

To: Father Jason Emerson,
All Saints Episcopal Church
9302 Blondo
Omaha, NE 68134

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