Friday, March 30, 2007

The Friday Five

This game originates from revgalblogpals and it is called the Friday Five. Play in the comments section or post a link in the comments to your post on your blog.

This week is entitled: Holy Week, Batman!

1. Will this Sunday be Palms only, Passion only, or hyphenated?


2. Maundy Thursday Footwashing: Discuss.

The footwashing on Maundy Thursday is experiential worship at its best. Jesus said do as I do, so we do in the hopes of being more like Jesus.

3. Share a particularly meaningful Good Friday worship experience.

Last year I preached on Good Friday. I think we did three services with never more the four or five people at each one. But inspite of the small crowds, or maybe because of them, I really connected with how lonely the disciples must have felt that day. It really helped me imagine what it would have felt like if God were dead if only for three days.

4. Easter Sunrise Services--choose one:
a) "Resurrection tradition par excellence!"
b) "Eh. As long as it's sunrise with coffee, I can live with it."
c) "[Yawn] Can't Jesus stay in the tomb just five more minutes, Mom?!?"

I'm at a new church so this is my first Easter here. My hope is for number 1, of course.

5. Complete this sentence: It just isn't Easter without...
BRASS lots and lots of BRASS! I could do without the lilies however.

Bonus: Any Easter Vigil aficionados out there? Please share.

Yep! I love the Easter Vigil, especially the readings. I would love to use all nine, but alas that isn't going to happen this year. Anyway, it is a wonderful experience of being immersed in salvation history, of getting in touch with our best story and hoping to live it.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my responses to the Friday Five. I hope I get to blog next week, but I am going to be busy for sure.

God's Peace,


Iris said...

You make a good case for having Good Friday services even if they are poorly attended. Great play!

Rev Dr Mom said...


You're a Rev Gal Pal? Cool.

I'm blogging semi-anonymously but I'm sure you can figure out who it is!

Hope things are going well at your new place.

mompriest said...

Good play. I agree with the small groups, sometimes the most powerful...where only two or three are gathered...

Sally said...

Great play, I love the Easter Vigil too.