Thursday, March 29, 2007

A confession

With a title like, "A Confession" for this blog entry, I bet you were hoping for something juicy. Well...I'm not sure how juicy this post is; so you might be disappointed. What follows is a confession I wrote for our "Wednesday night laid back Eucharist" We have been using it during Lent, and last night was the last night. We'll probably pull it out again next year. However, our of my own egotism, I wanted to give it a little longer life. So, here it is...

Gracious God, who creates all there is and loves all there is; you command us to love as you love. We failed, we fail, and we are failing. Too many of your children, our neighbors, went hungry and died today; too many of your children, our neighbors, were oppressed today; too many of us counted our wealth in material possessions instead of your love today for us to call ourselves successful Christians, successful God Lovers. Please forgive us. For Christ’s sake have mercy on us. Give us yet another chance to love ourselves, our neighbors, and you as you want us to. Amen!

God's Peace,

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