Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Multitude of Things

So in the first two full days of this convention we have:
  • Attended a committee hearing on Millenium Development Goals
  • Participated in two sessions with author Lauren Winner on Sabbath Keeping and Spiritual Writing.
  • Interviewed a prospective intern for the Resurrection House program
  • Went to a reception for world missions
  • Attend a U2charist (more on this in a moment)
  • Purchased a table for and helped set up the booth to advertise the intern programs
  • Met countless people
  • Met several old friends I had not seen in awhile
  • Attended a convention Eucharist
  • Examined the exhibit booths with my roommate from seminary that works for the pension fund.
  • Took a nap
  • attended a working session of the special committee on the Windsor report: no testimony from non-committee members just word smithing by the committee
  • Worked at the Intern booth
  • attended receptions for General Seminary and the Episcopal Public Policy Network
  • attended a hearing of the Program, Budget, and Finance Committee

I really can not describe all of these items in detail, because that would take all night. But I would like to offer a couple of reflections on the U2charist and the Program, Budget, and Finance Committee hearing.

A U2charist is an Episcopal worship service of communion with music by the band U2 and a message regarding the MDGs and the ONE campaign. They expected about a hundred people to attend and had over 700. Many would think that only "youth" would attend, but there were people of all ages there. Bishop Curry of North Carolina preached. My goodness this man can preach. He is one of those people that could read the phone book and you would want to give your heart to Jesus. It was a wonderful experience. The bishops message was simple: We can live out our witness of the love of Christ, we can practice what we preach by fulfilling the MDGs.

Second in the P,B, and F committee hearing I heard several Episcopalians speak on behalf of items in the budget ranging from Peace and Justice to Christian Education, from Navajo Ministries to support for ministries at Traditionally African American Colleges. My first reflection was of pride in the passion and eloquence with which the speakers expressed themselves. Second was that none of them brought forth a bad idea or a insignificant program; so, to which one do we say no? I in no way envy the people on that committee. There is so much work to be done and so many capable Episcopalians wanting to get the work done, but we don't have the funds to adequately fund all of them to the extent that is needed. God help us!

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