Monday, June 19, 2006

I heard the Breath of God!

Yesterday we elected a new Presiding Bishop. There is no surprise in that statement. It was on the schedule for the 18th of June long before we arrived at General Convention. The surprise came in the election of Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, the first woman Presiding Bishop. When they announced the name in the House of Deputies there was a collective intake of breath from all present. I do believe this was us breathing in the Holy Spirit, and oh what a beautiful sound.

So, now I must make yet another confession. When I heard the slate of nominees for the presiding Bishop, I had not even considered Bishop Schori...not because she is a woman. I am married to a middle school math teacher. I have no doubts about the administrative leadership abilities of women in general. What I must confess is a lack of faith in the House of Bishops to truly consider each candidate. I assumed that they would write Bishop Schori off; so I wrote her off. There is an old adage about making assumptions. I thought I had learned it well a long time ago, but I guess I needed a refresher.

I leave General Convention today. I am eager to return to Nebraska, because there is a tremendous amount of work to be done before I leave for vacation next week. However, a lot of the weightier issues will be handled in the next few days, i.e. the budget, and Windsor Report resolutions. So, I'm a little a sad to miss those moments. I am more sad to once again leave friends that I had not seen in awhile. I got to spend considerable time with one of my roommates from seminary, Fr. Bob Griffith, and I was once again reminded how much I miss a lot of my friends. I wish them God speed, and I hope to run into them again someday!

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