Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pithy exercise Reflection

So I've noticed something as of late. Jodie and I have been taking a class at the YMCA called Body Pump. Its a hard...really hard combination of aerobics and weightlifting. After the first class the 90 year old plus crowd at my church was more mobile then I was. Anyway, I'm not as sore anymore after class as I use to be, but I have noticed something. When I just go work out at the Y, either on an elliptical machine or lift weights, but not in a class, then I don't push myself to the same degree as in the class. Maybe it's the leader; maybe it's the guy twice my age that's lifting twice the weight I am; maybe it's that I don't want to look like a wimp in front of my wife, but I worker harder in the group class then I do on my own.

Here's the pithy reflection part. This is a lot like church. I hear a lot these days from people that say they are spiritual but not religious. What they are often referring to is that they believe in a higher power in some way, but they are not willing to commit to a community, not willing to be a part of a group. Now I'll be the first to tell you that every Christian community, every denomination, every church is flawed in some way. But the fact remains, try as we might on our own, we won't be pushed and prodded to grow like we would in a community. It's like a NASCAR race. Two cars drafting can go a lot faster then one car on their own. Humans are social creatures defined by our relationships. Therefore, while God may love us whether we sleep in on Sunday or not, we can't live a life of faith without a community. So, get out of bed and get to church!

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