Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The other night we had our apartment blessed. A home blessing is one of the funky little services that makes being an Episcopalian really cool. Anyway, after the blessing and dinner we had a bible study. Actually bible study is not accurate. We engaged the gospel. From listening to the Word of God read aloud, we asked what words or phrases stuck out for us; where in our lives did the Gospel speak to us; and what was God calling us to do in and from the Gospel text? Many may recognize these as the traditional questions from the African Bible study. Sparked by these questions in relation to the Gospel, there was wonderful sharing by all present. I love my congregation and fell deeper in love with them that night. I caught myself sitting with a zen like half smile thinking, "Isn't this what church is supposed to be...a place where we bring our whole but broken selves in contact with God in hopes of leaving a little more integrated, in hopes of leaving with a little more hope and direction." It was a good night in the way creation is good, in the way God intended us to be good. Last year I had an epiphany about what my call as priest was to do. I feel called to instigate interaction with divine. That happened the other night. It was good for my soul, my spirit, my salvation, and I look forward to it happening again.

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