Saturday, March 18, 2006


I'm with Jodie today in Lincoln at a MathCounts competition. She has one student from her school competing; a good kid, with a constant smile and steel trap for a brain. His dad, who is here as well, possess exceptional coolness. He, Jodie, and I had a great converstation in the spectators lounge, and it was a great oppurtunity to practice my peer ministry questioning and listening skills.

I find these skills enable me to be more interested in other people than myself. Since I spend plenty of time with myself as it is, I am finding other people a whole lot more interesting. Furthermore, you learn some amazing things and get to hear even more amazing stories. This father today was telling me all about getting into the underground support area of the Brooklyn Bridge with his work as a structural engineer. How COOL is that!

Be that as it may, later today I have to finish the sermon for tomorrow! I love preaching, but I am much more interested in listening to people then speaking at the moment. I have to look at this a chance to further depend on the Holy Spirit. Wish me luck!

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