Monday, May 31, 2010


I decided to do the P90X training program. After watching the infomercial during repeated bouts of insomnia, and losing about 35 pounds through WeightWatchers I decided to give it a shot. I got the DVDs about a month ago, but I have waited to start because of the birth of the twins. I have also gained about 5 pounds back during the last few weeks with the birth and all.

Tonight was day one of the 90 days of P90X. I took my photos and did the Chest and Back work out. It is basically an hour's worth of push-ups and pull-ups. Right now, I am not doing as many reps as the folks on the DVD and I am using a chair for the pull-ups. However, my goal is to be able to do 15 pull-ups unassisted by the end of the 90 days. After the the Chest and Back work out you do the Ab Ripper X workout. I am gassed, especially my core. Tomorrow is plyometrics.

So why am I doing this. Well, for health reasons both diabetes and heart disease run in both sides of my family. It is imperative I watch my health, or I might not be around to see my great-grandaughter become President of the United States some day. Furthermore, and most importantly, I want my kids to be able to trust me. If I can't keep a commitment to myself--a simple commitment to exercises 6 days a week, then how can they trust me to keep the commitments I make to them. Why would they keep commitments they make to me? So, I am testing myself. I want to know how deep my ability to honor my commitments runs. I'll post at least once a week on my progress. We'll find out how much intestinal fortitude I have.

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