Thursday, April 01, 2010

A Poem for Maundy Thursday

and water

a community gathered
in prayer
in humility
in joy
in pain

Prayers said
in hope for presence
in hope for grace
in hope for exploding mercy

Scriptures read
utterance for the sake of re-membrance
spoken word for the sake of re-collection
re-building, re-forming, re-shaping in the image

In the image of
one who kneels
one who washes feet
one who...
from his knees leads a revolution

So we
gathered in prayer
kneel and wash,
we do as the One did
as the One does

So we can go and do likewise
So we can lead from our knees
So we can love as the One loves

and water

meager things
humble acts
by such things are empires toppled
by such acts, the Kingdom of God is built

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