Tuesday, June 03, 2008


So, this weekend my sister graduated from a healing arts institute. I'm not sure I can describe what the three year experience she went through was. In fact, I know I can't, because she had a hard time explaining it to me. I know it was part of her preparation to be a therapist. She is already a massage therapist and she is looking to merge spoken therapy with body work. Preparation, is not the right word for what enables her to do this was already present. I think the experience honed skills innate with in her.

My sister is gifted.

That is not flippant sibling pride talking. I've seen her work. I witnessed one gift in particular this weekend: when she walks into a room of people she greets every person like they are the most important person in the world. She greets each and every person like it is the highlight of her day to converse with that person in that moment. This is a talent, and I am awed by the skill with which she exercises this talent. There are a host of people out there that specialize in making themselves appear great. (On some days, I might even be one of them.) My sister on the other hand specializes in reminding other people that they ARE stupendous, monumental, lights of God shining in the world. I'm proud of you sister. The world is a better place for the work you do, even when, and especially when, you don't even know you are working.

God's Peace,

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