Saturday, April 05, 2008


I was at a conference at the Temple Israel here in Omaha yesterday. As I was killing time before the lecture flipping through their worship book, I found this prayer:

I begin with a prayer of gratitude for all that is holy in my life.
God needs no words, no English or Hebrew, no semantics and no services.
But I need them.
Through prayer, I can sense my inner Strength, my inner purpose,
my inner joy, my capacity to love.
As I reach upward in prayer,
I sense these qualities in my Creator.
To love God is to love each other,
to work to make our lives better.
To love God is to love the world God created and to work to perfect it.
To love God is to love dreams of peace and joy that illume all of us,
and to bring that vision to life.

Kabbalat Panim for Shabbat p. 8(126)

God's Peace,

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jadedjabber said...

Thank you for this prayer. It is what I needed to pray.