Friday, January 25, 2008

A Moment

So this past Monday the 21st of January was the 2 year anniversary of my ordination to the Priesthood. During my ordination, my good buddy, The Running Priest preached and told me to do three things:
  • Be your own man[person]. In other words be the priest God is calling me to be and not the priest others might expect me to be.

  • Say Yes more than No. Do not limit your ministry by turning down opportunities and challenges.

  • Point to Jesus!

This last one is the one that is sticking with me this week. The Gospel reading this past Sunday was John the baptist literally pointing to Jesus from the Gospel according to John. It was an important reminder for me of my purpose. I am not to save the world! I am to point to the one who does! There was affirmation in the moment that I have been doing just that, and also encouragement to keep it up. All in all it was a good moment. Oh...and the other two pieces of advice from the sermon are helpful too.

God's Peace,

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