Friday, February 02, 2007

Gracious Morning


So, I have been at my new gig for about two weeks. Yesterday I was blessed with a God moment, manna in the desert if you will. I was walking from the bathroom to my office(where else would God speak but in the middle of the mundane!) and I had an epiphany that I was called here to All Saints to be myself. This wasn't arrogance or self admoration, merely a grace filled notion that God put me here not to be something else, but that I had spent the last decade of my life becoming what God wanted me to be and that is a good thing. Now God will use that good thing in ways that I probably can't imagine, but the good will come from God. And when I stray from that good direction, when I part from the path of righteousness, when my acceptance of my gifts as tools good enough for God's purpose truly does become arrogant and self-aggrandizing, I am blessed to have beautiful people around me to burst that bubble. Gracious folks that love me and respect me enough to call me to repentance yet again, not for any gain of there own, but because there is work to be done and my baggage doesn't need to be in the way. Thanks God for the moment, keep 'em coming.

God's Peace,

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Bob said...

This is very nice, Jason! Very good thing to remember.

I have not forgotten your phone call and a discussion of Battlestar Galactica! I may be really tardy, but I haven't forgotten!