Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Early, and I do mean EARLY, morning thoughts


It is 2:00 in the morning. That's right...2 in the a.m. Back in the day it would not be strange for me to be up at 2 a.m. or maybe getting home about now. These days, I don't see two a.m. much. Early to bed and early to rise are much more common realities for me now, but not this early.

I have awoken because tomorrow is my first day at my new church All Saint Episcopal. I am excited and a little nervous. There is much work to be done. First, there are a lot of people, each with a story, and each needing to know God's love. Second, there is a rebirth going on in the parish which is exciting, but they need guidance and a bit of agitation to move them from "maintainence to mission"(as my new boss would say). So far, everyone I have met has been extremely devoted to Christ and very talented. It will be a matter of getting them point in the right direction and motivated to use their respective talents, their spiritual gifts, for the glory of Christ.

Well what I think would help me the most at this moment would be some sleep! Maybe there are a few more winks to be caught.

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Bob said...


I pray God's blessing upon you as you begin your new ministry. I am a bit envious!

I know you will do wonderfully, but only if you (and all of us) repeat often the few but profound words in our Baptism Covenant - "I will, with God's help!"

As Ashton reminds me often, "The early worm gets eaten!"