Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Am I a Father, or am I a Child

I recently shared with a good friend of mine the existance of this blog. He was shoked that I wrote under the name Father Jason with good reason. In seminary I enunciated many a tirade against the idolatrous nature of "high" church, or I should say the idolatrous behaviors of "high" church fanatics. Fortunately, Bob, being my roomate in seminary, bore these tirades with grace. It is not surprising he is surprised to see me an a chasible and going by Father Jason, those being long time symbols of "high" chruch.

Here's my thing with the "low" church "high" church argument...Everybody is wrong! The answer is not to find the right way to do church and everyone must do it that way. The answer is to find God and worship God detached from all distractions. Therefore if having the Priest wear a chasible brings you closer to God that's fine. However, if you cannot worship God without a chasible wearing priest then you've moved into the realm of idolatry of stuff. Simply put...Use stuff! Do not worship stuff!

God's Peace

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